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Vet Service for Covington, Newton County Georgia

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital is a community-based companion animal veterinary hospital established in 2016 serving Covington, Newton County and surrounding areas.  We are a full-service veterinary hospital that also provides boarding services.  Our veterinarians strive to provide your pet with comprehensive health care by implementing new therapies and technology to complement our over 50 years of combined experience. We are your vet in Covington – just 15 minutes from the Square.

Pet Wellness Exams and Plan in Covington, Newton County

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital provides pet owners in the Covington, Newton County area routine dog and cat wellness exams. Preventable diseases like obesity, ear infections and dental disease can be addressed, and early screening for arthritis, diabetes and kidney disease. The net result of routine wellness exams is early detection and prevention of disease, which means a healthier and longer life for your pet.

Pet wellness plans are also available and recommended for Covington, Newton County pet owners.

Pets, Dogs and Cats Vaccines for Covington, Newton County

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital near Covington, Newton County offers pet vaccines. Starting your puppies and kittens on pet vaccines is important to help prevent dangerous sicknesses and diseases. Social Circle Veterinary Hospital offers the best dog shots, cat shots and other animals/pet vaccines services near Covington, Newton County area. Schedule an appointment today to help protect your pets!

Pet Surgical Services near Covington, Newton County

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital is conveniently located close to Covington, Newton County area. We offer full veterinary surgical services at our clinic including routine spay and neuters, soft-tissue, and orthopedic surgeries. Social Circle Veterinary Hospital also handles Spaying and Neutering for pets in or near CITY/County. Click here to see other surgical services at Social Circle Veterinary Hospital.

Pets, Dog and Cats Emergency Care near Covington, Newton County

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital is there for you and your pet when your pet needs emergency care.  It is crucial to have a pet emergency plan in place before you need it. Unexpected dog injury, cat injury, fractured bones, bleeding, seizures and more can occur when you are not expecting it.  Contact us at 678-212-0300 for your emergency. Read more on animal or pet emergency services provided by your top vets in Covington, Newton County.

Pets, Dog and Cats Microchip near Covington, Newton County

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital uses and recommends “Save This Life Microchip and Pet Recovery System” for pet owners in Covington, Newton County. Each Save This Life microchip number is searchable in popular search engines like Google. When someone finds a pet and searches the microchip number, they are able to privately contact the pet owner with a text message and an email. The pet owner receives a GPS map powered by Google Maps of where the person who found their pet is actually located.  We offer microchip service for dogs, cats or any other pet you have that you wish to keep safe.

Pet Medications for dogs, cats and pets in Covington, Newton County

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital makes it convenient for pet owners in Covington, Newton County to have access to pet medications. Click here to shop online for your pet medication.

Best Animal Hospital in or near Covington, Newton County

Social Circle Veterinary Hospital strives to be partners with our clients to provide exceptional, personalized care to our patients with priority given to their quality of life. Please navigate our website for the additional dog, cat, and pet services that we offer at our animal hospital.

Covington, Newton County

Pet owners deserve the best care for their pets.

Covington is the county seat of Newton County.  Covington is a lovely southern town. The historic Covington square is surrounded by restaurants and shopping. Covington is a tourist destination for the Gaither’s Plantation Fall Festival and sees visitors from all over the world who enjoy visiting the locations where their favorite TV shows were filmed. Dine at the famous Mystic Grill (from the Vampire Diaries series!), Taqueria El Bajio, Milazzo’s Ristorante and others. Shop at Southern Roots Outfitter, Sweet River Boutique and lots of other destinations in Covington. Newton county includes a few other cities such as Mansfield, Porterdale, Social Circle, and Oxford. Oxford was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church and is commonly known as the birthplace of Emory college.

The Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the Night, and The Vampire Diaries are some of the series that were filmed in Covington. Three-Ring Studios has 160 acres dedicated to film stages and sounds.  Facebook plans to have a campus of offices in Covington.

Some of the higher educational institutions located in Newton are:

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